Mental Health Taskforce

The Mental Health Task Force at UNT is a university-wide committee of faculty, staff and students charged with overseeing programs, education and prevention efforts related to mental health and suicide prevention.

The task force is committed to raising awareness about mental health resources and encouraging people to seek assistance. This task force will do this by promoting mental health awareness to the entire campus community through events, programming and information resources. Our focus is to simplify and publicize the significant amount of support on campus and show students that UNT cares about their physical and mental health.

Inaugural Committee Members

Dr. Teresa McKinney, Chair
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Herschel Voorhees, Co-chair
Director of the Student Health and Wellness Center
Dr. Linda Holloway, Co-chair
Chair and Professor of Disability and Addictions Rehabilitation
Karen Knotts, Co-chair
Chief Pharmacist for Student Health and Wellness Center Pharmacy
Ron Venable, Co-chair
Director of the Office of Disability Accommodation
Dr. Maureen McGuinness
Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Kathy Brewer
Director of Nursing for the Student Health and Wellness Center
Dr. Peggy Ceballos
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Higher Education
Dr. Randall J. Cox
Principal Lecturer in Psychology
Director of the Psychology Clinic
James Fairchild
Associate Director for Housing Operations
Dr. Pamela Flint
Associate Director of Clinical Services and Training for Counseling and Testing Services
Laurie Klein
Director of Recreational Sports for Pohl Recreation Center
Chris Lawrence
Associate Director of Facilities for Pohl Recreation Center
Ed Reynolds
Deputy Chief of UNT Police
Tim Trail
Coordinator for the UNT Substance Abuse Resource Center (SARC)
Substance Abuse Educator
Robert Ashford
Director of Collegiate Recovery Program at UNT
Department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation
Hanna Bagheri, Student
Student Government Association Chief Officer of Equity and Diversity